Look good, Feel good



We wanted to create a page that highlights our unique packaging solution. About 80 million tons of container and packaging waste is generated each year and 40% of that waste ends up in landfills. In 2017 Landfills received 32.1 million tons of container and packaging waste, but the good news is that number has been decreasing each year since our peak waste in 1980 (I attached the table with these numbers below for reference). It is great that the landfilled waste each year is decreasing but the waste generated is still increasing with the demand for products. 

With that being said we have decided to create a packaging solution that provides an instant reusable function. We take donated jeans that have lost their original value due to holes, regular wear and tear or simply just unwanted and turn them into bags, satchels and purses. As shown in the video below these bags are then used as the packaging to ship your new GERM shirt. 



If you have any jeans you don't use anymore send them to us and we will make sure to give them an amazing second life. In return for your support of a better future, we will happily offer you a discount relative to the number of jeans you give. And don't worry, shipping's on us.